2024 Lucky Silk Scarf “Tiny Wonders”

MANTILITY x Charitini Gkritzali

Charitini Gkritzali is a designer and architect from Athens, Greece. She holds a Diploma in Architecture Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2018), and a Master in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship from ÉCAL – École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (2023). She has received the De Bethune Award for the work she conducted during her studies at ÉCAL and the Jewellery Design award by Artsthread Global Graduate Design Show in collaboration with Gucci for her project “Topology of a Body”. Her personal portfolio includes collaborations with Hermès, De Bethune, La Prairie and Dedon. Prior to establishing her own practice, she collaborated with Note Design Studio on projects for Milan Design Week and Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Her design practice revolves around humans, objects, surrounding spaces and everything in between. Through her unique visual language that is defined by architectural shapes, complicated balances and carefully choreographed compositions, she aims to create stories that tiptoe between the familiar and the extraordinary.

MANTILITY presents the 2024 Lucky Silk Scarf “Tiny Wonders”

Silk Scarf “Tiny Wonders” 90cmx90cm

Clocks. Birds. Magic tricks. Wine glasses. Paper planes. Toys. Doors. Secret passages. Broken mirrors. Legs. Hats. Ice cream cones. Grandma chests. Human touch. Fingers. Toes. Closed curtains. Hair brushes. Table lamps. Baloons. Bottles. Winter gloves. Bowling pins. Hammers. Bridges. Smoking pipes. Paper boats. Hands. Pumps. The moon. Horses. Clouds. The sun. Sculptures. Lakes. The sea. Bodies. Rocks. Big fears. Arms. Knees. Big dreams. Birthday cakes. The passing time.

-What wonders are made of.

Size 90x90cm

Price €250.00

Available in 200 Limited Pieces

Silk Scarf “Tiny Wonders” 70cmx70cm

Size 70x70cm

Price €170.00

Available in 200 Limited Pieces

Silk Scarf “Tiny Wonders” 45cmx45cm

Size 45x45cm

Price €100.00

Available in 200 Limited Pieces