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Antigoni Kapoutzi was born and grown up in Kavala – Greece. She graduated from studies in Jewellery design and metalsmithing in Athens. During her studies she works alongside notable craftsmen and prominent designers of hand-made jewellery. In 1989 she attends special seminars on gemology in Athens and Crete. During these years Antigoni never stops being informed about the new trends on jewellery. She visits all the popular jewellery exhibitions taking place in Greece and abroad.

In 1990 she returns to Kavala-Greece, where she establishes her own workshop, where jewellery is being designed, constructed and exhibited. In 2002 she establishes a new model jeweller’s studio where Antigoni’s crafting experience and visionary designs find the perfect haven, inspiring her to conceive and produce creations that disregard mass production principles.

Throughout her long career, Antigoni has participated in numerous international exhibitions and competitions, receiving wide acclaim for her unique designs in Art and Design competitions (f.i. “Tahitian Pearl Trophy”), while at the same time gaining the trust of her clients when receiving orders for the creation of exclusive and exquisite designs for special occasions.

Antigoni Kapoutzi believes in hand-made jewellery as an item of everlasting, timeless value, a unique piece of art in the hands of her discerning clientele. Her designs and creations follow the principles of minimalism but also retain a high sense of femininity and sophistication..

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