Athanasios Paparis

Athanasios Paparis Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

Athanasios Paparis was born in Athens and raised in Kavala Greece. He studied architecture at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He finished his master’s degree in 2019. He worked worked as a RIBA Part II Architect in Collective Architecture and now lives and works in Dublin,Ireland.

He has a deep interest in philosophy, history, the arts, psychology, folklore and the natural environment. Part of his interests revolve around a variety of themes from sustainability and autonomy, the vernacular, ideas of identity and environmentalism to classical and rational architectural composition and theory.

Since his teenage graffiti years he is drawn to visual experimentation and more radical/alternative ways of representing architecture involving graphic design, typography, video, mix media and collage.

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Bacchic Rave Bacchic Rave