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Blaqk team was founded in 2011 and consists of Greg Papagrigoriou and Chris Tzaferos (Simek). They are both Graphic Designers who live and work in Athens. Blaqk team is a marriage of graphic elements, that characterizes the work of both – geometric forms, geometric patterns and calligraphy-typography (often used as an abstract decorative element in their compositions). They choose urban and country spots available for personal expression, and make projects tailored to the location or material. Blaqk are really interested in finding special places, mostly abandoned, with natural textures. They both decide the artwork they make. Geometric patterns and lines are Simek’s artworks and calligraphic-fonts as well as detailed geometric forms are Greg’s artwork. Blaqk have a common design method of work. What they do is sometimes strictly geometric and sometimes more abstract. They love to experiment a lot and try new design methods.

Designers Scarves
Silk Journal_Callimteric Silk Journal Callimetric Space
A Callimetric Space
A Callimetric Space A Callimetric Space
Callimetric Space A Callimetric Space
A Callimetric Space_ pocket square A Callimetric Space
A Callimetric Space