Danae Sargologou

Danai Sargologou Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

Danae Sargologou is a freelancing illustrator & graphic designer based in Athens-Greece.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Illustration & Graphic Design from London College of Communication. Danae has exhibited her work in London and Athens. She has worked for Korres, K2 Design and G Design Studios in Greece. She is currently specializing in illustration, branding & identity.

She is always on the lookout for challenging projects which will bring out her particular style always targeting on effective communication in a fresh and attractive way.

Choose a MANTILITY Scarf designed by Danae and receive a special discount voucher to use on her website where you can find all her creations on unique prints and… vice versa! Discover more here!

Danae Sargologou

Designers Scarves
Karaghiozis in love
Karaghiozis in love // Blue
Karaghiozis in love_red_70 Karaghiozis in love // Red
Karaghiozis in Love
Femme Fatale
Karaghiozis in love_blue | 70x70cm Karaghiozis in love // Blue
MANTILITY Silk Scarf | Femme Fatale | 35x155 Femme Fatale
Silk Scarf Femme Fatale| MANTILITY | Danae Sargologou Femme Fatale
Silk Scarf Femme Fatale| MANTILITY | Danae Sargologou Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale Pochette Femme Fatale
Karaghiozis | Blue | 70x200 Karaghiozis in love
Saving the Fish
Saving the Fish_pocket square Saving the Fish
Silk scarf Saving the Fish | MANTILITY | 70x200cm Saving the Fish
Saving the Fish 45x45cm Saving the Fish
Silk Scarf Saving the fish 90x90 Saving the Fish