Leonie Yagdjoglou

Leonie Yagdjoglou was born in Athens/Greece.

Leonie studied Graphic Design at the Vakalo Art and Design College in Athens (1988-91) and Communication Design at the prestigious Art Center College Of Design (Europe) in Montreux, Switzerland, graduating with the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her first professional steps took Leonie to Cologne, Germany (1994-1999) where she participated in founding Milk Design GmbH, a creative agency that soon became very successful with attracting a number of distinguished clients.

In 1999, Leonie returned to Greece and repeated her recipe for success by co-founding MILK Branding Professionals Ltd. Since then Leonie has been partner, creative director and co-owner of MILK, a leading branding agency in Greece for 20 years (www.milk.com.gr), and has handled in this capacity hundreds of accounts of local and international companies.
Inescapably, Leonie grows – professionally through excelling in design projects and artistically by ceaselessly expressing herself through ceramic art, sketches and painting.

For her sketches, Leonie has developed her own, unique drawing technique which involves, among others, using the tip of her finger as a brush. By performing a series of bold strokes on the tablet screen for instance, she transforms flashes of thought and memory into witty black and white sketches. More recently she has been using a similar technique to combine contrast-full colours to create figures out of everyday life. The initial 2014 series of sketches was named “MEMORABILITY” and was shown, very successfully, in the TOGETHERE 4 exhibition in the prestigious Mykonos Municipal Gallery (July 2014). In July 2017 she held her first solo Exhibition in Mykonos (Mykonos Municipal Gallery) with the title “My self as a room” mainly with Prints and ceramic objects for everyday use.

For the last ten years Leonie finds herself feeling more and more a devotee of the ceramic art, as it combines the two basic elements of her artistic ways of expression: design and painting.
Ιn her own atelier ( www.leonieart.gr ), she has been giving life to hand-thrown and hand-painted usually bright-coloured ceramic objects, each of them being different than any other. Her ceramics convey a similar message; artefacts of the same aesthetic that fill space with instances of existence.

Leonie carries on by utilizing the old techniques while exploring the new, thus creating art with a mark of her own. Literally.

Leonie speaks English, German and Greek.

July 2014_ TOGETHER4 (MYKONOS) Group
July 2017_ “My self as a room” (MYKONOS) Solo
May 2019_Just Art (Showroom10) Group
August 2019_ Objects born not made (KARYMBU TINOS) Solo
July 2020_When Law goes pop(!)_Project {Just/Art} (OPANDA ATHENS) Group
September 2020_Narratives from ceramic creations (ART APPEL GALLERY) Solo



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