Manos Mpatzolis

Manos Mpatzolis Designer Social Projects | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

Born in Kavala, Greece. He has studied graphics, painting and sculpture since early age. He has worked as a graphic designer, cameraman and has participated in art workshops, drama therapy, theatre and direction. In 2013, he launched his website, which he operates as an online gallery. In 2014, he collaborated for the first time with a team of artists and craftsmen in Santorini Island. He has also taken part in the Industrial exhibition which took place in Santorini Art Factory, along with 26 other artists. A piece of his work has been added in the American magazine Homme Essential via He has also participated in Raw Fusion Fashion Show in Mankato Minnesota and in Crowd Omnibus Tour in Kavala. He recently fulfilled his own personal artwork exhibition, under the title Case Blue, which was presented in Kavala and Crete. In 2017, he created a lighthouse from recycled material, as a participant of TEDxKavala. In 2018, he fullfiled the URBANUDE shortfilm project in Berlin, which was one of the finalist films in Argo Film Festival. In 2019, he launched Blind Project in Studio Bleu, Paris, in cooperation with Lamproductionsparis. He also participated in Ricochet(s) festival in Clermont-fd, France with Phoenix exhibition and the BLIND & SENSES, Bedroom Experience. Ιn 2021 Αwarded in the art competition of foundation of the hellenic world. Ιn the period 2021-2023 he has taken part in group art exhibitions held in various cities of Greece.

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