Sigma Gamma

Sigma Gamma Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

Graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist. Greek, born in 1987, he had his first contact with visual arts, caricature specifically, when he was still very young and in a short period of time he managed to develop his painting skills (self-taught).

Studied in Akto graphic design school and through his familiarization with the modern technology he chose to focus on the use of digitizer as his main working tool.

Started his career as a designer for an advertising company but it didn’t take long to surrender to his love for street, pop and psychedelic influences. Through the combination of the mediums, the aesthetics and the agenda he worked on (well known domestic alternative djs/producers, plus plenty of album artworks) he ended up in a characteristic personal style which became the identifier of his pieces (100% handmade material). Lately he expanded his activity in the fields of video editing and illustration in clips of domestic artists and Vjing.

Designers Scarves
Africa pocket square Africa
Silk Scarf Africa | 90x90cm Africa
Silk Scarf Africa by Sigma Gamma | MANTILITY Africa
Japan pocket square Japan
japan 45x190 Japan
Japan Japan
Japan_35x155 Japan
Japan 90x90 Japan
japan 45x45 Japan