Stavros Avgoustides

Stavros Avgoustides

Stavros Avgoustides is a career diplomat and a self-taught contemporary artist. Born in Cyprus and raised in Greece, he draws inspiration from his professional travels and multicultural experiences.

Art for Stavros Avgoustides is an “escape”: each unique design, treasures its own little narrative; a way of expressing the artist’s inner world; endlessly unravelling his life, as a diary in pigment, absorbing new landscapes and faces, through colour and shape; an internal landscaping, rather, arranging the world as its own fantastic experience.

Through his doodle art, Stavros’ fairytale characters, landscapes and overall designs, seek to inspire, offer hope, converse with, and, ultimately, fascinate the audience.

During his post as the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Bulgaria (2014-2018), Stavros Avgoustides initiated the Embassy’s «Αrt4Charity» Cultural Events Program and organized a Charity Art Exhibition for UNICEF, showcasing the work of late Bulgarian artist Nikolai Roussev, as well as his personal artwork.

Moreover, along with Bulgarian exploratory photographer Mr. Ventzislav Petrov, launched the “Sofia in Fragments” art project: an open-ended, highly creative and innovating art project, which includes photographs and mixed media contemporary artwork, inspired by the city of Sofia, with all proceeds going to the local “For Our Children Foundation”.

Guided by his principle of “One Creation a Day” and the constant urge to find new ways of expressing his creativity, Stavros is collaborating with other artists and designers, discovering common grounds of creativity, values and artistic aspirations. After all, “art is not what one does, but what one is”.

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