MANTILITY constitutes a peculiar Greek and English composition:
• “Mantili” Greek word, noun, a scarf
• “Mentality”, noun, a particular attitude or way of thinking.
For us MANTILITY is… an object-tribute to the routine of elegance consolidating a universe of aesthetic and artistic values. A concept that addresses sophisticated logic, in the habit of using intellect and knowledge. A musical of silk desires that declares the self-sufficiency of happiness.

We make our scarves in Greece by using the finest silk and we are proud to collaborate with one of the most reputable family-run factories in Soufli, Greece.

Usually we use 6A grade raw silk. When this is not available by the supplier we use 5A grade. The good quality grades commonly used are A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A. The finest quality Silk is the 6A grade that is rare and the most expensive to produce and buy.

Silk is a completely natural material, a protein fibre produced by silkworms, with the absence of any chemicals.

As silk is a natural fibre it will easily biodegrade in the soil when discarded after the end of its useful life and will not pollute the environment like other petroleum-based fabrics such as acrylic or nylon. Moreover, during the production, after the Reeling and before the Weaving process Raw Silk undergoes a biological procedure during which, part of its surrounding sericin (protein) is extracted. Finally, the ink used for digital printing is certified with OEKO-TEX®.

Silk is produced by the silkworm larvae, excreted from its glands in order to build the cocoon. This process can be repeated indefinitely both in commercial silk production and wild silk production. Fossil fuel based fabrics, on the other hand, use a finite resource that cannot be easily replenished.

– Silkiness: the parallel layers of protein on the silk’s fiber render it very soft, so that it does not irritate the skin and is very pleasant to touch.

– Absorbency: silk remains dry even if it has absorbed 30% of its weight in water, demonstrating high resistance to human perspiration.

– Anti-allergic: doctors recommend silken garments to those suffering from dermatological problems and allergies.

– Ιnsulating: an excellent insulating material warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our scarves are clearly labeled as “Dry Clean Only” and should not be washed.

There are numerous ways to wear a MANTILITY silk scarf.  The following video may inspire you with our favorite ways that you can wear this accessory, as inspired by some of today’s top fashion influencers:

You can use a steam iron and your scarf will look like new in less than a minute.

Alternatively, you can iron your scarf. Leave the scarf on the ironing board. Get a towel or a pillow case and gently put it over the scarf. Set the iron on “Silk” or on a very low setting (temperature between 100-180°C or 212-356°F) and very gently start pressing over the towel or pillow case.

And of course, you can always trust your local dry cleaners.

All our scarves are delivered in a white handmade luxury box tied with a MANTILITY ribbon and shipped to you along with a numbered and signed designer concept card.

During checkout, you can include a card with a personalized message. Please make the order and write us a comment or send us an email at so we can avoid including an invoice inside the packaging.  A customer can exchange a gift. For more details, please contact Customer Service.

All our scarves designs are “unisex” and they look amazing on men as they do on women!

MANTILITY strongly believes in the strength and potential of anonymous artists. This collection includes unique artwork from Greek designers who wish to remain anonymous, essentially freeing the buyer from the bias of artists’ recognition and defining their work value on individual subjective appreciation.

Some artists will be revealed after the scarf has been purchased (in the concept card inside the scarf box) while others will not.

Every scarf is priced in an affordable way to start your own MANTILITY collection.

Yes we definitely do. Wherever you are, you can become a MANTILITY collector! Check here the Shipping fees.

This means the item is out of stock but available to order.  Items that are tagged “available to order” take about 2 weeks to be produced and will be delivered accordingly. Please note that we deliver nothing less than premium quality limited edition products and in order to make this happen you may need to wait a bit more. Please be rest assured that patience is rewarded with an awesome scarf.

Yes, we do offer wholesale but only to selected museums, stores and boutiques. We also create amazing corporate gifts.  If you are interested in our collection please email .

Unfortunately you are. If you are based outside EU please consult your local tax office before you make a purchase as MANTILITY will not be responsible for extra tax or customs charges.

Please send your enquiry to You can also download our press kit.

Silk twill can be identified by the diagonal rib, ridge, or wale weave lines that appear on the surface of your scarf. It gives you a very sculptural structured feel, with great durability. It will hold its form, giving a sharp and crisp knot. Silk satin weave is shiny, shimmering and smooth on the surface and does not have the weave lines visible in silk twill. It gives you a unique softness feel. The colors on silk satin will appear much more vibrant and intense than the twill.