The Μentality of Silk

Founder Vassiliki Zafiria Ypsilanti

The People Behind the Brand

My name is Vassiliki Zafiria Ypsilanti and I am a Culture Manager. Having worked for more than 15 years in helping others make their business plans come to life, I decided in 2019 to make my own [silk] dream a reality; therefore I started MANTILITY as a means to combine my passion for Art and Fashion in one brand.

We are an online store-gallery that sells limited edition premium scarves produced in Greece from 100% high quality silk. Our mission is to provide a platform of expression to artists and offer worldwide meticulously crafted scarves at accessible prices.

So far, MANTILITY is working with more than 40 creators coming from all walks of Design [Painters, Architects, Graphic Designers, Ceramists, Scenographers, Graffiti Artists, Calligraphers and Illustrators] and offers a selection of more than 200 unique silk designs offered in various dimensions and moods to suit every style and occasion.

Silk Dreams Are Made of This!

Curator Picks – Silk Artworks


Femme Fatale

Designer: Danae Sargologou
Size 45×45
Silk weave Crepe Satin
Price €90.00

Silk Scarf The Equilibrists 45x45/70x70/90x90cm

The Equilibrist

Designer: Flaw Project
Size 70×70
Silk weave Crepe Satin
Price €150.00

Silk Scarf Pedro | 90x90cm | 70x70cm


Designer: Rima Lyma
Size 90×90
Silk weave Crepe Satin
Price €220.00

Silk Scarf Little Things White

Little Things // White

Designer: Anonymous
Size 120×120
Silk weave Twill
Price €270.00

Silk Scarf Japan | 35x155cm


Designer: Sigma Gamma
Size 35×155
Silk weave Crepe Satin
Price €150.00

Silk Scarf Aegean 90x90cm


Designer: Tooman
Size 70×200
Silk weave Crepe Satin & Twill
Price €270.00


Greek Touch

Designer: Cacao Rocks
Size 70×140
Silk weave Crepe Satin
Price €250.00

Silk Scarf Selene and Endymion | 120x120cm

Selene and Endymion

Designer: George Kordis
Size 120×120
Silk weave Twill
Price €320.00

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