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“The New Hygge Encourages Going Outdoors Without Compromising Style”

by Madeline Fass @Vogue

After months of lockdown, any time that we can spend outdoors is essential for our sanity. Whether it’s a daily neighbourhood walk in the city or safely escaping to a picturesque cabin upstate for a quiet weekend away, the pandemic has everyone embracing an outdoor lifestyle in any way that they can. And while this may seem like a new way of life for many, especially those of us who are urban-dwellers, to Norwegians, this idea of essential open-air living is not a new concept. In fact, they have a word for it: “friluftsliv” is a concept that literally translates to “free air living” and encourages people to spend time in nature no matter what the weather conditions may be.

It is essentially an extension of the hygge lifestyle, one that, according to Etsy is really catching on in the fashion and lifestyle retail categories, except instead of cozying up indoors, you’re finding comfort and serenity while, say, jogging through the forest, hiking in the mountains, or gardening. In other words, friluftsliv is the new hygge, and therefore it’s time to take the coziest items in your wardrobe from the living room to the great outdoors.


MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Nymphs” by Christina Moschou

There are plenty of health and wellness benefits to spending time in nature and allowing yourself a bit of escape, but it also offers the opportunity for you to outfit yourself in stylish, warm, and joy-sparking outdoor gear.

Prepare to face cold weather and embrace friluftsliv in style. From winter hikes to city strolls and everything in between, here are some ways to dress the part for your next grounding winter adventure.

Source: https://www.vogue.com


Silk Scarf Orofografia | KOIS MANSION | MANTILITY | 45x45cm

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Orofografiaby KOIS MANSION (Location: MANTILITY Home)

Silk Scarf Planet Freaks |Anonymous | MANTILITY | 90x90cm

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Planet Freaksby Anonymous Designer

Silk scarf Callimetric Space | MANTILITY |

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: A Callimetric Spaceby Blaqk

Silk Scarf Graces & Sorrow | MANTILITY

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Four Graces & One Sorrowby Anonymous Designer  (Location: Streets of Thessaloniki)

Lookbook | MANTILITYMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Houses of Kards | An Ode to Square by Konstantinos Fidanis  (Photo: Snapshot Studio Photography/ Location: Amsterdam)


Silk Scarf Icarus| MANTILITYMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Icarusby Stratos Kalafatis (Location: Streets of Kavala)

MANTILITY Silk Scarf Eve AirMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Eve Air” by Kostas Karakitsos (Location: Streets of Paris)

Lookbook_MANTILITY_MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Make Some Noise by Fani Skoulikidi Boukouvala (Photo: Snapshot Studio Photography/ Location: Amsterdam)