Silk Icons

Dating back as far as 3,000 B.C. China, silk has permeated the fashion world as a delicate finery. Maintaining the popularity of silk, celebrities throughout history have loved fashion silk scarves, and made the stylish accessory their own. From the Chinese emperors who initially popularized them to the actresses of the 1960s who made them iconic, the silk scarf has had a long, elemental relationship with cultures from around the world.

To own a silk scarf, whether it is a purchase from a boutique or a gift handed down from mother to daughter, is a moment of pride for any woman and man of a certain taste and sophistication. It is an investment not just in style, but in innovation, craft, and unbridled joie de vivre.

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: My Chaos” by Leonie Yagdjoglou

As a form of self-expression, the silk scarf quickly came back into fashion; the material allowed for bright patterns and vivid, sharp details to be printed. We all remember Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wearing scarves in movies or parading their chic silk scarves throughout New York and Monaco.

Silk scarves gained notoriety and soon became a symbol of glamour, power and independence. In the words of Audrey Hepburn below “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.”

Check out some celebrities across centuries who have loved silk scarves and worn them very stylish. Let their style and spirit inspire you as you weave scarves into your everyday wardrobe.

Olivia Palermo_MANTILITY
Olivia Palermo| Photo: Olivia Palermo Official Instagram Account
Vanessa Hong_MANTILITY
Vanessa Hong | Photo: Vanessa Hong Official Instagram Account
Caroline Daur_MANTILITY
Caroline Daur | Photo: Caroline Daur Official Instagram Account


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Silk Scarf Aegean | MANTILITY | Tooman | 45x45cm
MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Aegean” by Michalis Toumanidis
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Silk Scarf Eve by Kostas Karakitsos | MANTILITY | 90x90cm
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mantility silk scarves tooman oftheaegeanMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Aegean” by Michalis Toumanidis
Silk Scarf Houses Monumental | MANTILITY | Fidanis | 45x190
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Silk scarf A Callimetric Space | MANTILITY | 70x200cm
MANTILITY Silk Scarf: A Callimetric Space” by Blaqk
MANTILITY Silk Scarf: My Chaos” by Leonie Yagdjoglou
MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Orofografia” by KOIS MANSION