Responsible business

At MANTILITY we strongly believe that doing business ethically is fundamental to how we operate. For us business benefits and positive societal and environmental impact must be mutually reinforcing. We do our best to genuinely contribute to the world tying our Social Responsibility to our MANTILITY movement values, strategy and core operations.

We focus our social responsibility approach on three key areas:

(1) Inner circle social value creation: empowerment of talented designers through artistic creation, diffusion and monetization

  • We prefer to be designer centric than brand centric. Our artists’ collectivity of visual stories and feelings goes to the heart of who we are as a company.
  • We treat our designers as equal partners and we offer higher rewards in relation to industry standards.


(2) Outer circle social value creation: art centric empowerment of our community

  • Random acts of charity are not our style. We voluntary participate in CSR initiatives that make sense in relation with what we do and what we stand for.


(3) Sustainability: optimal use of resources and circular economy

  • We use raw materials that are mostly renewable in nature. Silk is a completely natural material, with the absence of any chemicals. Fossil fuel-based fabrics, on the other hand, use a finite resource that cannot be easily replenished.
  • We use resources optimally. We repair defective scarves and when this is not possible, we transform them into large patches of scarves (a large artistic silk collage). We have zero silk waste and we absorb 100% of the cost.