Same Days, Different Styles

Quarantine: There are plenty of fun, inventive, and varied ways to make the most out of your walled-in experience. Sometimes, it’s about adapting what you already love. Or, perhaps, it’s time to try something new that you’ve always had on your mind. Either way, we are presenting you some creative moments we “stole” from some of our MANTILITY Designers.

We hope these quarantine creative moments will entice you to try the things we love, or something else that will spark joy for you!

Same Days TimesMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Same Days” by Elena Tsaprouni (Photo: Kiki Doxaki Location: Imaret Hotel)


Elena Tsaprouni

During the first quarantine, our MANTILITY designer Elena Tsaprouni, created a series of drawings inspired by the free time and the daily “routine”. One of these became a MANTILITY scarf: “Same Days”!

Same Days sketch

Tsaprouni Elena | Designer | MANTILITY | Greek design | Art | Fashion

MANTILITY Designer Elena Tsaprouni wearing her Silk Scarf  “Same Days


Kostas Karakitsos

Imaret Hotel has been listed as one of the 30 selected hotels around the world “trusted” by the global and renowned platform TOMO Hotels. Every hotel showcases some unique experiences from their respective region. Our MANTILITY Designer Kostas Karakitsos and his Ceramic Studio in Avramilia is showcased as one of the places to be experienced during your stay at Imaret!


Kostas Karakitsos wearing his silk design Eve, at his Ceramic Studio, at Avramilia, Greece


Christina Moschou

Another MANTILITY Designer, Christina Moschou, is spending time painting a series of artworks inspired by Greece, Architecture and Mediterranean Culture. Her MANTILITY Scarf “Nymphs” is a part of these inspirational creations!

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Christina Moschou Nymphs

Christina Moschou wearing her silk design Nymphs at her Atelier, at Brussels, Belgium


G Design Studio

G Design Studio, the creative agency that curated MANTILITY branding and designed The Scarf “I Like You“, has designed this beautiful campaign for the Athens State Orchestra. “This year’s concert campaign for the @athensstateorchestra is a union between illustrations that highlight our values and ideals, and the transformation of the historic Bodoni typeface that with the creative force of type designer George Triantafyllakos is imbued with rhythm and musicality, becoming the ‘Bodoni Heroic’. The custom ligatures of the typeface further showcase the combination of type and sound while the bold style used in the illustrations and the vivid colour palette create a juxtaposition of modern and classic. An evergreen celebration of music.”


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Athanasios Paparis

Athanasios is an Architect and lives in Dublin He loves light and shadows and enjoys playing with them.

Paparis_Bacchic Rave

Bacchic Rave by Athanasios Paparis


Here is Aoife, his girlfriend, wearing a MANTILITY Designer’s scarf ” “If you hadn’t given me poetry, O Lord”by Leonidas Michalakos, while enjoying Greek wine during quarantine days.

Silk Scarf Poetry |LEONIDAS MICHALAKOS | MANTILITY | 90x90cm


Leonidas Michalakos

Leonidas just can’t stop drawing and quarantine was a fruitful period for him. He painted two artworks for MANTILITY and now his is already working on the third one. We are going to launch his second Silk Scarf in March. Do you remember it from our Exhibition at Imaret?

Michalakos Imaret

Silk Scarf “Greek Language” by Leonidas Michalakos (Photo: Yannis Gouzidis, Location: Imaret Hotel)

Michalakos details

Details from Michalakos new paintings

Michalakos details

Details from Michalakos new paintings



Leonie Yagdjoglou

Leonie amongst the many things she does, also paints & creates ceramic pieces. She will also be a member of one of the committees of the Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards “EVGE” for the 2021 competition.

Leonie My Chaos

Leonie with her artworks “My Chaos

Leonie Drawings

Drawing by Leonie Yagdjoglou

Leonie Ceramics

Ceramic bowl by Leonie Yagdjoglou

EVGE awards 2021 teaser


Fani Skoulikidi

Fani, besides scenography, is creating tiles using the decorating pottery technique “Sgraffito” (in Italian “to scratch”).

Her characteristic silhouettes of humans and animals are always “present” in her designs. Find them also on her silk scarves “Make Some Noise” and “Keep Silent”.

Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise” by Fani Skoulikidi Boukouvala Photo: Snapshot Studio Photography/ Location: Amsterdam)



Michalis Toumanidis

Our friend & designer Michalis Toumanidis started a new silk screen printing initiative called “Tooman Factory”. He likes to get dirty!

We hope he finds free time to design a new “silk poem” for MANTILITY. Do you remember his first one? He visualized a love poem by Odysseas Elytis  “Of the Aegean I.



Flaw Project

Eleftheria & Stella cannot stop creating new designs for their marvellous ceramic creations! They can do everything, upon demand or upon their… imagination!


We believe that the two sisters are part of their silk artwork “The Equilibrists”.  “The woman, a source of vitality, strength and fighting spirit, manages and ensures functionality of and balance in roles, relationships and conflicting situations with distinctive skill. ”
equilibrists mantility press

The Equilibrists by Flaw Project (Photo: Kiki Doxaki, Location: Imaret Hotel)


Danae Sargologou

Danae is an illustrator and you can find here creations on our silk scarves, on blankets and of course on prints! She launched this e-shop with her prints, where you can find her two MANTILITY designs also, Femme Fatale & Saving the Fish!



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Photo with her Redding Knit blanket design from


Fish & Femme

Danae‘s two silk designs, Saving the Fish & Femme Fatale



Blaqk team was founded in 2011 and consists of Greg Papagrigoriou and Chris Tzaferos (Simek). They are both Graphic Designers who live and work in Athens. Besides their illustration and art exhibitions, they are known for their Murals. Here one from the latest ones at Ludwigshafen, Germany.


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As you can see geometric forms, geometric patterns and calligraphy-typography characterizes the work of both.

Silk scarf A Callimetric Space | MANTILITY | 90x90cm

Their MANTILITY silk scarf “A Callimetric Space (Photo: Snapshot Studio Photography, Location: Amsterdam)



Konstantinos is an architecture student and illustrator. He loves creating modern versions of famous masterpieces. This is the latest one, dedicated to the new year. The original artwork is “Boy with a basket of fruit & skull”, by Caravaggio.

And here is the original painting!



And these are the sketches of his MANTILITY Silk Scarves Series “Houses of Kards

Fidanis Houses of Kards Sketches

Photo: Giannis Magdalasidis