Acrocorinth or otherwise “Captain and Lads fighting”. A work based on the copper engraving of the German soldier and painter Karl Krazeisen, who was present at the events of the Greek Revolution and captured many scenes and portraits of the fighters of 1821. I had been assigned to create a painting for the Komninos Foundation and this is the representation of our anniversary scarf for 200 years of freedom in Greece.



Silk scarf Acrocorinthos

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Size: 70x80cm

Theme: Greece, Greek Revolution

Description: 100% Silk – Hand illustrated

Designer: Cacao Rocks

Country: Greece

Year: 2021

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the back side only

Limited to: 200 pcs

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Cacao Rocks_Acrocorinth
Cacao Rocks_Acrocorinth

Cacao Rocks

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Yassonas Megoulas (aka Cacao Rocks), son of the sculptor Georges Megoulas, was born in Athens in 1985. He’s been active in the street art scene since 1999. Megoulas studied French Literature at University of Athens and the Univercite d’Angers in France; afterwards studying at the Focus School of Photography on a scholarship won from the video art competition “Shoot It” (2011).

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