Did you know that the peacock symbolises rebirth? Peacocks are symbolic of re-growth and rejuvenation, royalty, respect, honour, and integrity. They are also a symbol of beauty, love, and passion.

What colour are you?

Crimson symbolises vigour, passion, love, affection and even courage.

Mr. Charming in Crimson

Silk scarf  “Mr. Charming”

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Available Sizes:  100x100cm

Theme: Painting, Greece

Description: 100% Silk – Hand illustrated

Designer: Δeltakappadesign

Country: Greece

Year: 2022

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the back side only

Limited to: 200 pcs

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Δeltakappadesign is an Athens-based collaboration by the twin sisters Dimitra and Katerina Tzivelos - who have come together to share their passion for art and design. Artist Dimitra creates the designs and emblems, while the Interior Designer Katerina gives them ‘life’, transforming the works into distinctive objects of art.

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