“Re-Mentality” UpCycling: As enthusiasts of circular economy and pro optimal uses of resources, we use resources optimally. We repair defective scarves and when this is not possible, we transform them into something new such as dresses or kimonos [we have zero silk waste and we absorb 100% of the cost]. For these Holidays, we bring you the MANTILITY Cahiers of Silk. In collaboration with a traditional bookbinding company, we have produced one-of-a-kind limited edition Notebooks and Calendars “dressed” in our silky creations. Grab yours now!

The sense and deprivation of the square shape are internationally common to every human being at every geographic and chronological state due to the fact that every population of the world through the centuries used square or rectangular structures without having lent architectural inspiration from other countries. We can witness the incident above just by looking at some examples; the Japanese pagoda, a classic Tuscan cottage, the American modernism structures, the parliamentary Victorian residences in London, all of them have one main thing in common, a rectangular shape.

*The word cards is here spelled with a “K” instead of a “C” by the designer’s choice, as an interplay between the English and the Greek word of the same meaning.

Silk Journal Houses of Kards

Silk Journal_HoK

Silk Journal Houses of Kards

Project: Re-Mentality of Silk

Silk Scarf Designer: Konstantinos Fidanis

Tradition Book Binder: Thanasis Papadopoulos

Country: Greece

Year: 2021

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Silk Journal_HoK
Silk Diary
Silk Diary

Konstantinos Fidanis

Konstantinos Fidanis, Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

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19 years old. I was born and live in Xanthi, Greece.
- I study Architecture.
- I paint from the age of 3.
- I am inspired by the light and the way it affects the image and the silhouette of the shapes. I'm also inspired by lines and forms of objects. I admire clean lines, textures, natural materials and their shapes.

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