So many words about our bodies, thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, feminine, athletic, etc. No more words. Not good, nor bad. Our bodies are our homes and we decide what we want to do with them and if we want to do something with them. Parents stop saying things about your children’s bodies, talk and worry about their character. Society stop gossiping or bullying human bodies and worrying about their morals. In another era, we are the same bad or good people without checking our body construction.

My Body My Choice Ribbon // Yellow

My Body My Choice

Silk Ribbon “My Body My Choice”

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Dimensions: 10x140cm

Theme: Abstract

Description: 100% Silk

Designer: Rima Lyma

Country: Greece

Year: 2021

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the backside only

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My Body My Choice
My Body My Choice

Rima Lyma

Rima Lyma

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Rima Lyma aka Maria Mylona is an illustrator, a graphic designer and a muralist. She was born in Patras GR and because the city had a port her dream is to see the world. She studied in AKTO college in Athens GR and she received a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design in 2012. Rima lives and works in Athens.

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