This 100% MANTILITY silk scarf, called Bacchic Rave, is an ode to Dionysus the Greek God of Wine, Chaos, Theatre and Ecstasy. The piece is a mystical journey through the divine mania and madness that possesses the orgiastic worshipers of the God as they scream “Hail Bacchus” – a journey of overcoming one’s self, of being torn apart and then being pulled back together through the erotic forces of life, a journey towards ecstasy and complete chaos. Dionysus is as friendly as he can be deadly, joyful yet bloodthirsty, indolent and at the same time orgiastic. He is the “dancing God”, the light and the darkness in all of us, a true expression of our chaotic existence. Stylistically the piece is referencing old school rave posters, contemporary graphic design, graffiti elements and classical art, balancing between abstraction, symbolism and the visual language of underground music movements like lofi, techno and even vaporwave.

Bacchic Rave


Silk scarf Bacchic Rave

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Square: 90x90cm

Theme: Music, Ancient Greece

Description: 100% Silk – Hand illustrated

Designer: Athanasios Paparis

Country: Greece

Year: 2020

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the back side only

Limited to: 200 pcs

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Silk_scarf_Bacchic_Rave_MANTILITY 90x90
Silk scarf Bacchic Rave MANTILITY 90x90
Silk scarf Bacchic Rave MANTILITY 90x90

Athanasios Paparis

Athanasios Paparis Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

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Athanasios Paparis was born in Athens and raised in Kavala, Greece. He studied architecture at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He finished his master’s degree in 2019 and since then he is working as an RIBA part 2 architectural assistant at Collective Architecture.

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