Happy to create art which can be wearable.

Art should be part of our daily Life as water is.

Here I share with you some parts of my inner Chaos which I love!

While drawing it I see my own light and the potential to experience what I really am.

I believe Art is there to heal.

Wear it, love it, own it,


My chaos

Silk scarf My chaos | MANTILITY |70x200cm

Silk scarf My chaos

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Available Sizes: 90x90cm, 35x155cm, 70x200cm

Theme: Self Portrait, Illustration, Humans

Description: 100% Silk – Hand illustrated

Designer:  Leonie Yagdjoglou 

Country: Greece

Year: 2020

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the back side only

Limited to: 200 pcs

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Silk scarf My chaos | MANTILITY |70x200cm
Silk scarf My chaos | MANTILITY |70x200cm
Silk scarf My chaos | MANTILITY |70x200cm

Leonie Yagdjoglou

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Leonie Yagdjoglou was born in Athens/Greece.

Leonie studied Graphic Design at the Vakalo Art and Design College in Athens (1988-91) and Communication Design at the prestigious Art Center College Of Design (Europe) in Montreux, Switzerland, graduating with the Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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