The Brand

MANTILITY - The Mentality of Silk


We are an online store-gallery that sells accessible premium scarves produced in Greece from 100% high quality (6A or 5A grade) silk. All scarves are digitally printed with themes from various designers (graphic designers, painters, architects, scenographers, graffiti artists, ceramists and photographers) blending art with fashion. Every design is offered in a limited edition run of only 200 scarves. The final product is placed in a handmade custom box along with a numbered and signed designer concept card.


Universally, Art is blossoming across many fields of design while creative minds worldwide are struggling to get exposure and reach a wider audience. We offer a platform of networking, expression, artistic creation and monetization for talented designers from various art fields and supports conscientious shopping habits by offering limited edition silk scarves in unique designs.


My name is Vassiliki Zafiria Ypsilanti and I am the founder of MANTILITY. As an art lover and friend with many artists and designers, I was often disappointed by the challenges they face in gaining exposure, networking and monetization.

Meanwhile as a fashion enthusiast I was attracted by fashion items that could reflect the hard work put into it by the artisan. I strongly believe in conscientious shopping and that means, for me, items that are accessible and make you feel good, long after the purchasing decision.

Therefore, I started MANTILITY with a mission (I call it “MANTILITY movement”) to create an eclectic online scarf gallery that provides a platform of expression to artists and offers worldwide meticulously crafted scarves in accessible prices.

In the MANTILITY team we view our scarves as the noble messengers of silk, canvases for different artists to narrate stories and feelings. Wearing a MANTILITY scarf offers not only the unique touch of a 100% high quality silk object but also brings you closer to the exclusive artistic expression of the designer providing pleasure through your senses.


Partnerships with artists

We have already partnered with 35 both emerging as well as established artists from all over Greece to start this idea. These are not just artists picked up randomly, but people we respect and value their work and share our MANTILITY values with. We offer them a platform of exhibiting their art and a way to monetize it.