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Art in (almost) all its forms being the driving force behind MANTILITY, we strongly support various projects elaborating values encompassing our “mentality” and ones that need a “hand” of… silk! We partner with established and emerging artists to create unique, limited edition designs for our scarves, but we also organize events, social projects & installations. Be part of the MANTILITY Design Studio. Drop your idea at!




The latest art project we were more than happy and honored to be a part of was BLIND PROJECT, curated by Visual Artist Manos Mpatzolis.

The Concept: A group of people are confined in a room, without any clothes on, their faces covered with a MANTILITY scarf. No one knows anything about the others. The purpose is getting to know each other by using all human senses except vision.Speaking is also forbidden. The identity of the participants will remain secret both among the participants and the public.

The goal is for participants to eliminate the phobias and contractions caused by the outward appearance and stereotypes imposed by society on gender. Participants are invited to zero the image they have created for themselves in relation to their surroundings, to feel truly free and to make real acquaintances with the people around them. The process will result in participants getting to know their inner world and their instincts better and interact with the inner world of others.

BLIND PROJECT took place in Milan, Italy, in September 28, 2019. See more here