Kuki, Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

Eleni Koukkidou, aka Kuki, was born in Thessaloniki and studied Multimedia Graphic Design. She participated in drawing and graffiti groups in school years. After studies, she started working as a freelancer designer. Then, she created her own design studio in Thessaloniki’s downtown. She had worked with worldwide businesses, organizations, liberal professions, organizers of events etc. Her inspiration? The combination of black chocolate with espresso!


Designers Scarves
Silk Jeans_Nut Elephant Silk Jean Jacket Nut Elephant
Silk Jeans_Cockatiel Silk Jean Jacket Cockatiel
Nut Elephant 90x90 Nut Elephant
Silk Scarf Nut Elephant | 70x70cm Nut Elephant
Nut Elephant Nut Elephant
Silk Scarf Cockatiel | MANTILITY | Kuki | 90x90cm Cockatiel
Silk Parrot | MANTILITY | Kuki | 45x45cm Cockatiel