Terrazzo Mio

Angeliki and Niki Koundouraki were born twins a morning of the January of 1984 in Heraklion of Crete. They spend their childhood there until they went to study -always together- to Kavala. Angeliki studied Business administration and Niki Information Management.
They had never lived apart in their life except for a semester Angeliki spend in Austria as an Erasmus student.
After their studies, Niki went back to Crete to work in the tourism industry and Angeliki got married and had 2 cute children with Antonis while they were working at his family business.
15 years later, at one of her regular visits to Kavala on New years Eve of 2020, Niki decides to extent the visit. And then the pandemic hit the world.
The unexpected pandemic brought with it an abundance of time to reminisce and reflect upon their childhood memories. Growing up in a family of six in Heraklion, Crete together, they would spend countless hours playing with their siblings on the terrazzo floors of their apartment north of the city. Each and every room of the apartment was covered with these tiles in contrasting colors and patterns.
This memory was the beginning of all. Niki decides to move permanently to Kavala and start a new life and a new career. They looked for a material that could recreate the terrazzo effect but would be more versatile than concrete and less energy-consuming, certainly sustainable, and absolutely eco-friendly. Ecoresin was perfect.
One of those endless nights, in Angeliki’s terrace (terrazzo in Italian) all the ideas fell into place.
They created Terrazzo Mio and opened a little Etsy shop. less than a year later, Terrazzo Mio’s sustainable homewares have traveled from Japan to Hawai and from Seoul to Finland. Every time the twins sell a piece, they giggle at the idea that it decorates a house in a place far away they’ll probably never visit. This is their way to travel the world.

Designers Scarves
M Scents – Maternité M Scents – Maternité
M Scents – Orofografia M Scents – Orofografia
M Scents – A Callimetric Space M Scents – A Callimetric Space
M Scents – Greek Touch M Scents – Greek Touch
M Scents – Karaghiozis M Scents – Karaghiozis
M Scents – The Equilibrists M Scents – The Equilibrists
M Scents – Nymphs M Scents – Nymphs
M Scents – Pedro M Scents – Pedro