Greece has been a timeless and endless source of inspiration for artists. The designer inspired by the Greek sea, sunlight and poetry to combine all these and visualized a love poem by Odysseas Elytis “Of the Aegean I”.

Of the Aegean
The archipelago
And the prow of its foams
And the gull of its dreams
On its highest mast the sailor waves
A song
Its song
And the horizons of its voyage
And the echo of its nostalgia
On her wettest rock the betrothed awaits
A ship
Its ship
And the nonchalance of its summer winds
And the jib of its hope
On its highest undulation an island cradles
The coming
Odysseas Elytis
(transl. Jeffrey Carson)



Silk Scarf Aegean | MANTILITY | Tooman | 90x90cm

Silk Scarf Aegean

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Square: 45x45cm, 90x90cm, 70x200cm

Theme: Literature, Greece

Description: 100% Silk – Hand illustrated

Designer: Tooman

Country: Greece

Year: 2018

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the back side only

Limited to: 200 pcs

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mantility silk scarves tooman oftheaegean
Silk Scarf Aegean | MANTILITY | Tooman | 90x90cm
Silk Scarf Aegean | MANTILITY | Tooman | 70x200cm
Silk Scarf Aegean | MANTILITY | Tooman | 45x45cm

Michalis Toumanidis

Michalis Toumanidis Designer

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Michalis Toumanidis was born in Kavala, Greece in 1984. He spent his childhood years in Athens and Volos. He has never stopped painting and loving pictures. He studied at the VAKALO college of Athens specializing in graphic design. Since 2013 he has been living and working in Kavala, running a small creative office in the center of the city. He likes to experiment with hand made print techniques and to blurring the borders of applied and fine arts.

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