The designer is fascinated by the tribal patterns in traditional objects, the colors that adorn the bodies of the African tribes and the natural beauty that one sees in images originating from Africa. His designs depict combinations of patterns, earthy but also intense colors and the face of a young girl. He chose the main protagonist of his design to be a woman.  Being a young woman in some parts of Africa is quite difficult. And every woman who lives, creates and is happy under difficult conditions must be an inspiration to all of us.

The whole collection of “Africa” scarves was created in such a way that it can, in either strict or casual style, give its own exotic accent and associate style with the celebration of nature and colors


mantility silk scarves sigma gamma africa

Silk scarf Africa

Design commissioned by MANTILITY

Square: 45x45cm, 90x90cm, 70x200cm

Theme: World Culture

Description: 100% Silk – Hand illustrated

Designer: Sigma Gamma

Country: Greece

Year: 2018

Care: Dry clean only – Cool iron the back side only

Limited to: 200 pcs

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mantility silk scarves sigma gamma africa
mantility silk scarves sigma gamma africa
mantility silk scarves sigma gamma africa

Sigma Gamma

Sigma Gamma Designer | MANTILITY | Silk Scarves Gallery

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Graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist. Greek, born in 1987, he had his first contact with visual arts, caricature specifically, when he was still very young and in a short period of time he managed to develop his painting skills (self-taught).

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