Patroklos Karantinos

Patroklos Karantinos (aka Harrison Nikiforos) was born and raised in Athens in 1980; since 2010 he lives and works in the US.

He started doodling on books and notebooks at a young age, but it wasn’t until very recently that he started exploring it further and sharing it with the world.

Most of his doodles are reminiscent of/inspired by his hometown of Athens.


Δeltakappadesign is an Athens-based collaboration by the twin sisters Dimitra and Katerina Tzivelos – who have come together to share their passion for art and design. Artist Dimitra creates the designs and emblems, while the Interior Designer Katerina gives them ‘life’, transforming the works into distinctive objects of art.

Artist Dimitra Tzivelos, employing a lyrical black-and-white technique, over the last few years has been presenting a series of original work of art and ‘giclee prints’, inspired by Greek folk tradition and architecture, as well as by the timeless beauty of Classical Greece.

A very different source of inspiration comes from Nature and its wildness, the Animal Kingdom, and the Sea World.

Δeltakappadesign is a concept design brand of high aesthetics, premium quality, and available in limited numbers. All Δk’s work, is designed, handcrafted, and produced in Greece.

A few words from the artist Dimitra Tzivelos:

All the designs and the entire process are done by hand.

Once the work has been sketched out, I begin to build the image by breaking it up into smaller sections using extra fine point markers (no. 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.3 -0.5). Each section is then filled out by combining several influences by different artistic styles / forms (i.e. Islamic, Gothic, Ancient Greek, Indian etc.), gradually giving birth to the final artwork. Once the artwork

is complete, it is cut out by hand with a lancet. The cut out piece, is then placed upon a new piece of paper, in order to provide a slight height difference and create a small dimensional illusion

Nafsika Tzanou

Nafsika Tzanou is an architect based in Athens, Greece.

She holds a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (1995) and a Master in Architectural Design from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (1998).

Her artwork “The Analogue Collection” was presented publicly in 2020.

Her mottos are:

  • Inspired by culture and nature
  • Fuelled by ethics and aesthetics
  • Empowered by philosophy and science




Yakinthi Stratopoulou is a greek self-taught artist working with a wide variety of materials, experimenting with multiple techniques and colors in an attempt to express the poetic aspect of creation. Emotions are the main characters of this artistic storyline and the way they’re driving her hands to an imaginary journey of drawings, colors, brushes, photos, videos and words many many words. Her art is focused on people, the feelings she gets from the interaction with them, the connection and loss, trying to turn these experiences into abstract shapes, forms, colors, or words along with her own artistic and spiritual process of creation. Figures blended in a dreamlike environment, blue represented as the color of the soul and many faces and bodies hidden in the canvas as different parts of our being are composing deep feelings as images and poems. This is a way for her to communicate the absolute and immediate need of our times, the need to love, feel, and connect as spiritual beings expressing our authentic selves.


Simoni is an artist who has made an impression due to her raw talent and her contemporary approach to art. She has been recognized worldwide and has been featured in magazines such as British Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Tatler. Her world is surrounded by Greek elements, flowers, colored auras, and a pink melancholy that has been commented on in various interviews.

Her unique technique that combines photography and various mixed media has been distinguished among leading artists abroad, in exhibitions in Milan, London, Monte-Carlo, Madrid, and Greece. Simoni started working as an artist at the beginning of COVID, when she decided to return to Greece after 10 years of living in London. She has launched her personal Studio in Thessaloniki where she keeps creating new pieces. She is actively expressing her inspiration from feminine energy and “Modernmuses” through an interview series she is hosting. Her inspiration is love, the auras of the people, and the elegance of a crying Greece.

She has participated in the Arco Yucatan Exhibition in Athens, the Monaco InternationalArt Fair, the Van Gogh Madrid Exhibition, the Visual Space Featured Artist, Myro Gallery‘Anti-stress’ Exhibition, 100 Contemporary Greek Artists (Ostria Publications), Contemporary Art Curator ‘River of Dreams’ Exhibition, Visionary Art Collective ‘When Words fail’ Exhibition, Mads Milano ‘Philo poem’ Gallery Exhibition, Visual Space ‘Spring Virtual Exhibition’, Art Number 23 London–Athens, ΔΕΚΑ 5 /ΕΝΔΕΚΑ, Art Time Gallery Athens, Hansford and Sons, Greek Artists Hub & Woman Artist Collaboration Solo Exhibition at Myro Gallery in January 2022.

She has been featured in British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Tatler, Parallaxi, Glow Magazine, Lifo, Kathimerini, Pikap Community, The Art Space, Greek Artists Hub, Visual SpaceMagazine, Contemporary Art Curator, Polis Magazino, Kalo Mina (New YorkMagazine) , VOL UP (Paris Magazine).


Georgina Savvaki

Georgina Savvaki (b.1993) is a product designer and illustrator based in Athens.
After completing her studies in Product and System Design Engineering in Syros island, she continued pursuing a Masters in Landscape Architecture.
Nature, plants, femininity and summer time are some key references where she draws inspiration from. Looking at her work all elements are being  reflected through the use of textures, colour hues and patterns, travelling the eye of the viewer in the imagination of her reality and perception of the world.
Taking her work a step further, Tzortzina started her own clothing brand, inspired from the greek pop cult culture, called 090.

Dimitra Bouritsa

Born in 1988, Dimitra Bouritsa studied Painting in Athens School of Fine Arts (2015-2020), Architecture in National Technical University of Athens (2006- 2012) and a Master course of Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Belgium(2013-2014).
She followed scenography lessons at the atelier of Maria Chaniotaki in 2010 and in the same context took part in the Prague Quadrennial as a group, in 2015.
In October 2018 she made an internship in the National Theater of Greece working for the play ‘Tonight we improvise’ of Luigi Pirandello’s.
She had her first solo exhibition in October 2018 and has participated in several group shows in important venues, such as Frissiras Museum and Phoenix Athens Gallery.

Stavros Avgoustides

Stavros Avgoustides is a career diplomat and a self-taught contemporary artist. Born in Cyprus and raised in Greece, he draws inspiration from his professional travels and multicultural experiences.

Art for Stavros Avgoustides is an “escape”: each unique design, treasures its own little narrative; a way of expressing the artist’s inner world; endlessly unravelling his life, as a diary in pigment, absorbing new landscapes and faces, through colour and shape; an internal landscaping, rather, arranging the world as its own fantastic experience.

Through his doodle art, Stavros’ fairytale characters, landscapes and overall designs, seek to inspire, offer hope, converse with, and, ultimately, fascinate the audience.

During his post as the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Bulgaria (2014-2018), Stavros Avgoustides initiated the Embassy’s «Αrt4Charity» Cultural Events Program and organized a Charity Art Exhibition for UNICEF, showcasing the work of late Bulgarian artist Nikolai Roussev, as well as his personal artwork.

Moreover, along with Bulgarian exploratory photographer Mr. Ventzislav Petrov, launched the “Sofia in Fragments” art project: an open-ended, highly creative and innovating art project, which includes photographs and mixed media contemporary artwork, inspired by the city of Sofia, with all proceeds going to the local “For Our Children Foundation”.

Guided by his principle of “One Creation a Day” and the constant urge to find new ways of expressing his creativity, Stavros is collaborating with other artists and designers, discovering common grounds of creativity, values and artistic aspirations. After all, “art is not what one does, but what one is”.

Ellie Rassia

Greek designer Ellie Rassia combines vivid illustrations with high-quality materials for her unique swimwear range – aptly described as wearable art. After studying Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication, Rassia returned to Greece to launch her eponymous label Ellie Rassia, drawing inspiration from the country’s idyllic natural beauty and island-hopping lifestyle. Cut in flattering silhouettes – from classic swimsuits to one-shouldered bikinis – the hand-drawn designs make a bold statement, bringing a dynamic lift to your vacation edit.


Magoa was born in Greece in 1994. She studied music technology and acoustics in Crete. She has always loved painting but for the last 3 years, she has found time to engage and share it with the world. Her drawings are reminiscent of snapshots from an old movie with a main character.