MANTILITY silk scarves are warmer than you imagine!

Silk is known for its luxurious look and feel. Silk is also a wonderful all-year fibre!

As the weather gets colder, your priorities shift from aesthetics to practicality. In times like these, it often feels like sacrifice is imminent; you can either dress comfortably or dress well. If you’ve ever seen someone wearing a silk scarf, you know they look pretty small and delicate. But if you’ve ever worn one, you know they’re deceptively large. Once you’ve learned silk scarves aren’t as dainty as they appear, you mightn’t be so surprised to learn they’re incredibly warm.

Why? For one thing, all that fabric does a lot for insulation plus, since it’s wrapped around your neck, it’s pretty efficient, too. Its naturally tightly woven fibre helps to shield our skin from cold air, and its low thermal conductivity does not readily transfer our body heat to the environment. With its great temperature regulating qualities, it will keep you at an even keel even as you transition from the warmth of indoors to the cold of outdoors.

MANTILITY Times #2MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Planet Freaksby Anonymous Designer

Further, silk is not only wonderfully soft and comfortable to skin, but also divinely light to wear under thick coat, keeping you warm, comfortable, flexible, and stylish, unlike the woollen scarves, which can be quite itchy, bulky, and irritating to the skin. For decades silk scarves have served as an easy way to spice up a boring outfit.

You can stay warm while looking chic and trendy.  Silk scarves are the perfect solution to particularly breezy fall and snowy winter days!

Cockatiel MANTILITY Silk Scarf Imaret

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Cockatielby Kuki (Photo: Kiki Doxaki / Location: Imaret Hotel)

If you’re looking for a fabric that will help you maintain a comfortable temperature, that’s lightweight enough to adapt to layering for extra warmth, and feels as soft as butter against the skin, silk won’t let you down.

Below are a few examples, adding colour and warmth to a simple wool turtleneck and jeans, a shirt or a winter coat.

Same Days MANTILITY Silk Scarf Imaret

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Same Daysby Elena Tsaprouni (Photo: Kiki Doxaki / Location: Imaret Hotel)

Orofografia MANTILITY Silk Scarf ImaretMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Orofografiaby KOIS MANSION (Photo: Kiki Doxaki / Location: Imaret Hotel)

MANTILITY Silk Scarf Eve AirMANTILITY Silk Scarf: Eve Air” by Kostas Karakitsos (Photo: Christina Beza/ Location: The Anthemion House)

MANTILITY Silk Scarf Planet Freaks

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Planet Freaksby Anonymous Designer (Photo: Katerina Kalliontzi, Location: Kaliens, Greece)

MANTILITY Silk Scarf Houses of kards

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Houses of Kards | Monumental Edition” by Konstantinos Fidanis  (Photo: Giannis Magdalasidis/ Location: Soufli, Greece)

MANTILITY Silk Scarf Japonais en Grece

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Un Japonais en Grèce // Mayby Robin Savas Savvidis (Photo: Christina Beza/ Location: The Anthemion House, Greece)

MANTILITY Silk Scarf: Eve Earth” by Kostas Karakitsos (Photo: Snapshot Studio Photography/ Location: Pompeii, Italy)